Our Supporters

We’re building better futures for vulnerable children across Barranquilla with the support of Tecnoglass ESWindows Foundation and Maestro Cares.

The mission of the Tecnoglass ESWindows Foundation is to establish an interinstitutional support network in collaboration with the Maestro Cares Foundation, led by the renowned singer Marc Anthony, and the Barranquilla City Government through a public-private partnership. This network’s primary goal is to identify the needs of children, adolescents, and young adults utilizing the shelter’s services, as well as their families. It aims to strengthen their capabilities for future life endeavors, nurture their interests, and promote their innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills.

These programs include workshops in baking, art, dance, soccer, spiritual guidance, and academic reinforcement. The workshops are designed to stimulate creativity and personal growth among the youth, equipping them with the necessary tools to confront forthcoming challenges.

Additionally, the Tecnoglass Foundation, working alongside the Maestro Cares Foundation, has made substantial investments in the infrastructure of Orphanage. These investments have resulted in improvements to various areas such as the roof, dining facilities, laundry facilities, dormitories for boys and girls, bathrooms, playgrounds, bakeries, and classrooms. These enhancements are intended to elevate the overall quality of life and education provided to the children and young adults.

As a consequence of these efforts, 100% of the beneficiaries have had their rights reinstated, providing them with opportunities for a fulfilling life and instilling a strong sense of self-sufficiency to pursue their aspirations and move forward.